The Classic Gamer

  1. How did you start doing this?

    I was inspired by the guy with the name "Angry Video Game Nerd" and so I started my own youtube channel on the 25th of July 2011. And it was a success, so I hope that I can achieve my dream soon. My dream is to become a director and an actor.

  2. When is your next video?

    I do videos only on the weekends and holidays, because I'm free only on these following days.

  3. I have an idea for a review. Can I request a game?

    Sure why not it will be great.

  4. Are you ever going to review any newer games?

    Well,  maybe one day.

  5. How do you record your game footage?

    Well sometimes I use emulators after buying the real game on my NES, because It's easier to record game play footage that way and I use Easycap recorder too.

  6. What is your relationship with The Awesome Stranger are you enemies or something?

    We are cousins, but we act like we don't know each other. His character is like the opposite of me. I act as a tempered person but on the other hand he acts cool and we also act as rivals.

  7. Can I talk to you on MSN, AIM or Skype?

    Yeah but i'm busy most of the times here is my skype Coolred96.

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